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Running / playing a home game
I know there's other forums on this topic but i've basically read through them out of curiosity. I'm interested in hearing about the whole running a poker game thing, also the aspect of raking

I know it's not on the up & up, technically illegal for the house to profit, but i'm sure we all know people who do this or at least that many people obvious just do it. Plus, I do have a friend who has bounced around the idea of taking a small "piece" of each pot, running the game with long time acquaintances & such playing in the game where there are no trust issues, & typically playing no stake higher than .50 /1. 
So he clearly wouldn't be taking much for himself. He'd be providing food & a dealer, as well as a premium table, chips, cards etc. He thought about doing this two nights a week. To add, there is a very busy 1/2 raked game only a few miles from his place, which is supposedly known of & from what i heard through the grapevine they throw a little something somewhere as a thank you, for.. you know. 
But that can't be confirmed. Though I would think something large that's in no danger would typically mean something smaller with a group of bud's that takes less for the house wouldnt stand much of a chance in getting broken up.

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