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Session goals and Bankroll

The aim of any type of roulette approach is to make a profit from play start to play stop, namely a session. If you only work in casino chips as some do then it would be the same, to see an increase/growth in your pile of chips.

This is risk vs reward and can be a telltale sign of the strength or weakness of your approach. System players would be happy with 50% of bankroll as profit where AP players would be happy doubling or quadrupling their bankroll. From this statement it's fair to assume that visual ballistics is a more profitable approach.

With most systems discussed on the forum, questions are always asked about bankroll size and stop loss limits. The response to these questions are very seldom comprehensively answered. Instead the focus remains on the working of the system. 

If one would dig into the financials of a system you may discover that a "working system"  is too expensive to maintain and this may be why the recommendations are to use as small a value of chip possible. 

A system should not require for examples sake 1000 units to ultimately make a session target of 100 units. To me this is a sign of a weak system and to honest simply playing random may be a better option.

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