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The International Football History Thread

You're right here (and I was wrong concerning the early 4 matches between Germany and England from 1908-1913 (we never played again until 1930 (for obvious reasons) ) . 

The English team also consists of Amateurs like the German (but because we didn't have Professional football only Amateur football at that time, we count these matches as official DFB matches. 

Explains why the England FA only has 32 matches between England and Germany with an even balance of 13W-6D-13L and the German FA has a negative Balance for our team with 13W-7D-16L against England). 

Maybe the English FA should use our statistics too, this would "pimp up" your stats because in those 4 matches (3Wins-1 Draw) between 1908-1913 you scored 19 Goals .

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