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2017/18 UEFA Champions League Discussion Thread

The 2017/18 UEFA Champions League group stage draw in Monaco on 24 August along with the returning Spartak Moskva and, following Saturday's result in Cardiff, Shakhtar Donetsk, as 22 clubs are now confirmed for next season's competition.

Thanks to a system that began in 2015/16, Pot 1 for the group stage draw is formed by the holders and the champions of the top seven national associations as per the UEFA association club coefficient rankings at the end of season 2015/16 that formed the 2017/18 access list. 

But since Madrid won both the UEFA Champions League and the Spanish Liga, the newly vacated spot in Pot 1 is taken by the champions of the eighth-ranked association.

The remaining three pots will be formed as per the UEFA club coefficient rankings at the end of 2016/17.

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