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World Cup 2018 qualiflying?

Pot 1: Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Romania, England, Wales, Portugal, Spain, Croatia/Italy, Pot 2: Croatia/Italy, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, France, Iceland, Denmark, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Pot 3: Poland, Ukraine, Scotland, Hungary, Sweden, Albania, N Ireland, Serbia, Greece. Italy will be pot 1 if they win Tuesday against Portugal on Tuesday, lose/draw they'll be pot 2. Guess France and potentially Italy will be the dangers in Pot 2 for those in the top pot whilst Pot 3 has a few tricky teams in it (and we are bound to get Poland or Sweden!) Best thing about Wales being in Pot 1 is that we avoid having to play England. I do think UEFA need to start stopping teams being drawn together two qualifying campaigns in a row. There aren't that many games, so it'd be nice to face some different teams.

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